About us

The international trading company UAB “INALVA LOGISTCS” founded in 2004 trades in top quality softwood and its products. Due to our extensive experience in the field and our precision, we are constantly growing, expanding and getting stronger which allows us to offer larch products at the best prices available in the market. We are employing the most advanced sawing, drying and gluing techniques. We are always looking for the best and the most suitable production methods and investigating new raw materials. We care about the origin of materials and products and prefer the ones from FSC®-certified forests. We have been accredited members of the FSC® since 2012.

Trade in wood products and components

We have been in the business for over a decade. Our extensive experience allows us to offer top quality and timely deliveries to our clients. We trade in raw wood and wood products and have recently introduced manufactured components. The range of our products changes with time as the company strives to remain a marketable, exciting, relevant and competitive partner for both big companies and individual clients. We collaborate with wholesalers, architects and craftsmen.
For the convenience of our clients, quality wood, raw materials and products are delivered in a timely fashion, stored, and sorted.
In an attempt to stay innovative we have offered our clients a new service of installing terraces, floors and finishing boards. We collaborate with reliable carpenters, provide consultation and carry out carpentry and installation works.

Export of wood to the EU

Wood is exported to many European countries including Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries. Our key buyer is France. Wood products are prepared in compliance with high quality and ecology standards, because clients are very responsible in choosing raw wood and wood products. We are confident about the quality of our products therefore our clients often become our partners. We watch the market and constantly look for the best solutions. At the request of Lithuanian and European clients we can organise delivery of raw materials and control of semi-finished and finished products from the place of origin to application.
Transportation company UAB “Inalva” is our logistics partner with extensive experience. It can export goods safely, promptly and in a timely fashion by road, railway, sea and air.

Import of wood from Siberia

We deliver top quality sawn lumber for Lithuanian and European markets from the Siberian regions of Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, Russia. The climatic conditions in these regions are very favourable for larch. The wood of these trees has the best qualities, such as durability, longevity, resilience, natural impregnation, high resin content, and ecology.